Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Beginning Thoughts

The mini club I belong to is hosting the SAM birthday party next Febuary with a SW themed room. I love Southwest-the main living part of my house I live in is SW. I am making alot of SW things to sell and some terra cotta pots to donate to my club to sell to help finance the SW room they are providing to the Birthday party. (run on sentence if I have ever seen one) I don't have any pictures right now-but will next week.

I have become very organized lately. I put all the supplies for the SW projects in one box. I will be able to find everything.

The pots I am making are from a terra cotta slip that has really stained the molds. I have had to make more molds to pour the white ceramic slip. I have two more molds to make-which translates into 4 molds.

Can't wait to post again-I will have "art". I will post finished SW items for sale on my web site.


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