Friday, March 5, 2010

Patio Is Finally Tiled

The photo on the left is the kiln shelf that I fired the tile on. On the right, is my fitting and gluing
the tile to the patio. I glued the tile down with Grrrip. Next, hopefully tomorrow, I will grout the patio and the room tile. I will also put the grout under the door. I really wish the real color showed up better-it is pale translucent purple-really pretty.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to Tiling the Adobe Patio

The SAM B'day party, where my mini club previewed their Adobes was last week end. To my shame, mine was not finished. Someone said,"aren't you going to finish your Adobe?". I felt really bad about not working on it. So today I poured the tiles for the patio. There are a few on the upper right (right picture) that have some glaze on them. It fired translucent pale purple-they look really nice and I am putting a lavender bird cage in the left corner of the patio. I think it will look good. After the tiles in the middle and left dry, I will pick them up in the order they are lying and clean, glaze and fire them. After they cool, I will glue them down.
The photo on the left is the mold I make the tiles in and the back of a mold I dry them on.
After I get the tile down on the patio, I am going to put the fire place together and "glue" it in place.
See you next post,